Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beginning a new series

Since March I've had a new series of paintings brewing in my head. It's one of those not directly related inspirations that took hold while bringing a design class to see the work of sculptor James Kitchen. It was this piece in particular that sparked a flood of images in my mind of spirit guides helping their charges.

There are several images that I can picture very strongly, but I've yet to start sketching. I started making casts for one last week. My Dad was happy to pose for the part of the shaman / guide spirit and it was an honor to make casts of him. He also has the humor and patience that makes for a good cast model!

I hope to do more as soon as the weather evens out and travel up to their house gets better. Mom was more than happy to take pictures.

Dad had fun pretending he had two broken arms. These are going to be used to cup around the head of another person in the painting, imbuing energy.

While I was working on his face, I noticed the interesting qualities of his clasped hands and had to get them ... not sure where they fit into an image yet, but they were too cool to leave.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

2009 Art Calendar Available

Well, I finally managed to organize a calendar in time for the new year. It's available for sale on, my new favorite place in the world. I've been creating lots of designs for sale there as well, but this calendar features only my paintings.

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