Saturday, April 3, 2010

New and old work documented

The sun was out today - time to bring the most recent paintings up for an official portrait, with more accurate colors. Both of these were fininshed in March.

(Former working title was "1,000 miles per second")

"High Hopes"

And these are some old ones, circa 1988 or 1989, recently found and finally bound for the "Old Art" gallery on

"Shift Approaching"

One of the last paintings in my old style. I painted in both styles for a few years as the new style evolved. The older ones tended to follow more sci/fi - illustration themes than the spiritual/energetic focus of the new ones. Also a rare experiment with acrylics. I never got used to them.

"Off Kilter"

The last of the early paintings of the new style. It's still before the mixed media canvases, but the paint is thick and highly sculptural on its own. There were a few years when I used this approach before I realized I truly wanted to sculpt the surfaces. It has a degree of abstraction I still struggle to achieve more often than not. It's done in oils.