Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things in the works

Haven't posted in a while, though I've been quite busy with art.
Had a GREAT casting session with my neice, Jeana Hamilton Major, and her daughter Mariah. Got a box-full of casts including one set specifically for the meditation series I'm starting.

I have someone set for casting the series of seven "Connection" paintings in the previous post below. She's a friendly stranger - friend of a friend - and very interested in the work. These will be multiple full body casts - a generous offer on her part!

As always, I'm very, very grateful for everyone who's stepped up to be cast for these paintings. Aside from just a couple of cases of claustrophobia, the vast majority of people who have had it done have enjoyed it, comparing it to a spa day. The mix of cocoa butter and the heat of the plaster pack are a great facial. Some people relax until they fall asleep under the casts, and come out looking years younger! Still not sure if it's the heat pack or deep relaxation that does that for people.

If anyone's ever interested - especially guys, since so few have modeled so far - I'm always interested in getting casts for upcoming work. Just email, call or reach me through Facebook.