Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hilltown CDC Show

Resonances (continued) is up at the Hilltown Community Development Corporation offices in Chesterfield, MA. There aren't as many new pieces as I had hoped (the weeks have been too busy to finish the miniature series I'm working on) but it's a very different space with a different selection of pieces. It's a nice building, flooded with natural light and the Pelletiers, in charge of shows there, spaced the work out nicely, so each painting has breathing space. Unfortunately "Introspect" was deemed a bit too risqué for the general public once again, so it's not in the show.

Anyone is welcome to visit to see the art, whether they have business with the HCDC or not. The staff are very friendly and it's all right inside the main door and the big conference room. The show is up until September 15.

Work in the studio right now, a set of eight small pieces, seven with hands, showing different radiations of energy. I also still have "Shared Joy", "Bereft" (talk about polarity) and "Open Heart" ready to paint - now that I have a large paint supply again.

Repairs need to be made to Stellar Flame's broken finger, Distant Sharing's head injury and a re-bracing of the stretcher for Waves. These paintings need permanent homes.

There are also a couple I've set aside until I can come to terms with them - 'nuff said about those for now.