Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Notes from down below

Hello! Lots going on down in the studio.

I just finished this painting this morning - "High Hopes". The coloring in the photo is horrid, but it's way too wet to carry upstairs for photographing in the light. This gives you the general idea. I'm pretty sure it's done ... maybe.

I have three more canvases primed and ready to go. "1,000 Miles Per Second" is next up with "Shared Joy" right behind it. "Shared Joy" is a large painting with casts from over half a dozen people. I've been working on it for a long time, and am now at the stage of contemplating the color sheme behind it. The third one - still without title - I may wait a while to paint. Since it has relatively prevalent breasts, I won't be able to put it in the upcoming show anyway - public spaces don't like to acknowledge any gender-specific parts. I wonder if they'd ban a Barbie Doll® show? :\

I also just finished sculpting the first of the Contemplation series, or as I keep calling it in my head "Sweet Buddha". Originally, I was planning to only emphasize the crown chakra area, but the model's stance when we were casting was so forward leaning, it looked like she was cradling something in her hands, so now the emphasis is on that nurturing energy - the ball of concentrated energy above the hands, a flooding of the heart chakra and the original expanded crown chakra I intended, along with an inner crest.

In the works also are "Bereft", a large canvas with it's casts in place, waiting for just a tiny bit of sculpting. As you may gather from the title, this one is depicting the point at which someone has nothing left to offer and nothing left to fight back with - total resignation; and "Thinking of You" a very small piece involving the influx of energies of other people to the main subject of the painting. This one's still in the casting stage. Several pieces are ready, but it needs lots of little bits of more faces.

There's one tiny canvas waiting for a decision. I think it's going to be a lone head with just a "slice" of aura.